Employment Permit Changes

The team at Osborne were delighted to hear the news of  changes to the Critical Skills Employment Permit. (Stamp 3)

The proposed changes will make it easier for partners and spouses of workers from outside Europe who are employed here under the Critical Skills Employment Permit to also get work in Ireland.

Currently, workers on the CSE Permit have the option to ask for permission to bring their family to Ireland with them.

Additionally, if a partner or spouse wanted to work in Ireland, they too could apply for a specific employment permit, however, reports indicated that this particular permit had been met with unnecessary and long delays due to administration issues.

As of today, the Government announced changes that will give partners and spouses immediate and full access to the labour market without the need for an employment permit.

This has been welcomed by members of the business community seeking to attract employees with much sought after skills.

The American Chamber of Commerce, which Osborne is a member of,  has advocated for the adoption of an agile and user-focused system and also welcomed the announcement this morning.

Speaking after the announcement, Osborne Director of Commercial Development, David Walsh said

“This change will further enhance Ireland’s reputation as an inclusive, forward thinking location with a diverse talent pool. It immediately reinforces Ireland’s competitiveness in the global market and confirms to both investors and international talent that Ireland is committed to providing solutions to the rapidly changing talent landscape”.