CV Tips to help you land your Dream Job

Never underestimate the importance of a well – written and attention grabbing CV.

One that not only ticks all the boxes but puts your firmly at the top of the interview pile.

In 2019 as the war for talent rages on, competition for the best roles is fierce. You only get one chance to make a good impression, so you better make a good one!

Instead of thinking about your C.V as something you ‘have’ to do, think of it as an opportunity to showcase your unique set of skills. An advertisement or  marketing tool, if you will, and the product is you.

So, what are the top CV Tips of 2019 and how can you use them to get the job you really want?


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CV Do’s and Don’ts

Firstly, we need to cover the basics with some simple do’s and don’ts.

Remember to display your Name, Address and Contact Details clearly at the top of the front page, in other words, lay off the jazzy font and colour schemes. You want your potential employer to find your contact details quickly without distraction.

You should always, always write a personal profile outlining your previous experience, wonderful skills and most importantly your USP!

This should be kept short and sweet, usually a paragraph is considered more than enough!

Even if you feel the need to add more information please remember to only list important and relevant responsibilities you have. Be succinct.

Remember the average time a Hiring Manager spends looking at a C.V is between  5 – 10 seconds – don’t waste time adding unnecessary jargon!

You can always elaborate key points during the interview.


Top CV Tips 2019


We suggest using Bullet Points and keeping your sentences short and concise throughout your CV..

Always list your professional experience and education in reverse chronological order i.e. your most recent job / course studied at the top.

We also advise candidates to leave out references on your C.V . They can be provided at the interview stage. Please don’t forget to call your Referees and ask  if it’s OK to use them as a reference!

Now that we’ve covered the basics,  what are the top CV tips to help you get ahead of the competition?


Top Tips to get you Noticed

In 2019, you need to target your CV to each employer. Gone are the days of supplying a generic C.V and hoping for the best.

You need to show your potential employer that you not only understand what they are looking for, but are the right person for the job.

In other words, if you’re interested in Accounting and Finance roles, make sure your C.V is geared towards that particular sector.

Make every word count. You have a very short time to make a good impression. Use that time wisely by addressing the needs of the organisation.

Are you applying for a management role?

Talk about any management and leadership experience you have and skip any irrelevant information.

Put yourself in the organisations shoes, if you were the Hiring Manager  what type of skills would you consider most important?

Modern C.V’s don’t simply list  skills. They demonstrate the impact.

Led your team to greatness? Continuously smashed your targets? Delivered a project on time and under budget? Tell us about it! Blow your own trumpet. It’s a sure fire way to get you through the door and in front of an interview panel.

It can also help to include 1 – 2 sentences about your previous organisations. Providing this can give much needed context and background into why you’re the best person for the role!

Don’t automatically assume  that your potential employer  has any idea about the success stories of your previous organisations and the part you had to play in it.


CV Do's and Don'ts

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